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It Happened One Weekend: Settling on the UES

1) The Post once reported that an army of hipsters are flocking to the Upper East Side because they are tired of keeping up with the vintage-wearing, hot-spot-chasing Joneses. The Times now reports that people (not just cool kids) are flocking to the Upper East Side because it's actually, you know, affordable?making it everybody's safety 'hood. Hmm, wonder which report is more accurate? [NYTimes]
2) John Simpson, only the fifth architect to fiddle with Buckingham Palace's innards since the 18th century, has finished his first building in New York. The four-story mansion at East 95th St. is adjoined to the Carhart Mansion and contains four "superluxury" apartments (similar to luxury apartments, but with the strength of 10 men and the ability to see under your clothes). Two have already sold, and only the triplex and penthouse?at $21 million each?remain. [Paula Deitz/Postings]
3) Actor Charles Grodin, who ditched Fifth Ave. for Fairfield County, has written a play inspired by his experiences on his old building's co-op board. "The Right Kind of People" is about "bias and discrimination in America," and it goes into rehearsels in December.
4) The Times on how a bubble bursts: "Home prices go up as long as people expect them to go up. When they stop believing, prices fall." So essentially, bubbles die the same way fairies do in Peter Pan. Wow, that makes us feel really confident about the market. [NYTimes]
5) In The Hunt this week, a botanical illustrator looking to spend under $2 million follows the light and winds up in the Opus, a condo building at Broadway and 107th Street. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
(Upper East Side T-shirt photo snatched from Verbose Coma)