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UES Trying to Brainfreeze York Ave. 7-11?

Much to the chagrin of edible stick lovers and Slurpee Men everywhere, there appears to be a delay in the opening of the much-discussed 7-11 store on 84th Street and York Avenue. A Curbed tipster claims that neighbors are trying to take a big bite out of the Big Bite:

The doors say "7/11" but will they ever open? Petitions have been floated inside the tony co-ops and brownstones on this picturesque street (84th between York and East End) to stop the 7/11 before you can say "slurpee". Included in the petition are references to cab drivers stopping by all night and declining property values.
If these protests succeed, pro-Slurp residents will have to travel an additional three blocks west to get their fix. How cruel, this life.
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