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$4.75 Million For a Basement Full of Hookers? Sold!

On Friday we received an email from an irate resident of 306 East 15th Street in the East Village. Seems like the building has a few, um, shortcomings. The note went a little something like this:

No lock on the front door, homeless people sleeping in the foyer, prostitutes using the basement, water coming in from the ceiling, sometimes no hot water, and a real asshole landlord. But hey, we do have 15 foot ceilings and a patio and only pay $3300 a month. So now the news worthy part. For the last 2 days, our apartment, and our apartment only is without lights or power. We had to run an extension cord in from the hallway. Feels like the landlord is trying to force us out.

It's hot, we only have power for one fan and a light, and we can't find the lighter for the bong.

Ah, whores. A topic so near and dear to our hearts. Thankfully, the hottest weekend in the history of the world didn't wipe out our blacked-out friends. They got their power back after three days, and despite all the building's deficiencies, they filed the following generous property assessment. Check it out, after the jump. 306 east 15th street is up for sale. From what I hear the owner is looking for around $4.75 million for this 4 story master-piece of shit. Even though we have a lease we were told that we would have to start looking soon. Not a deterrent at all, I am waiting to see if they sell this thing before I go anywhere. Quick review: There is a Dr. office on the first floor, a strong cat piss smell in the hallways and up the stairs. It breaks down to 2 apartments on each floor. The one bedrooms are in the front and the 3 bedrooms are in the rear. I have to say that the 15' celings and the rear patio is what makes this place liveable. It is the most charming thing about the 3 bedroom we currently rent.

As much shit is wrong with this building I still think it's a steal at $4.75 mill. If the whole building was renovated and each floor was made a floor through each unit could easily sell for $2.5 million each.

So who's in? Seems like a deal for some of you moguls.

We always love a happy ending!
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