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Giant Crane Rises to Give 'Burg the Finger

There's a lot of stealth development that goes on in the city ? hole in the ground one day, giant tower the next ? but when you bring in a cloud-scraping crane to do your bidding, people take notice. And so it was with this marvel of construction equipment parked in Williamsburg next to the Thai joint. Why on earth would one need such a large crane in the 'Burg? Best we can tell, it has arrived to do some heavy lifting for the yet another Scarano & Associates project, a lux condo affair at 142-144 North 8th Street and 139-141 North 7th Street. The building, aka "The Finger," will reportedly house 42 units and is to be 222-feet tall, or as its detractors might say, "Fucking tall."

After the jump, a close-up of the construction as of late last week.

[first photo via The Stencil; second photo via bitnoots]
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