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Avalon Chrystie on Starbucks: Deny, Deny, Deny

We know you've been dying to know whether Starbucks is really fixing to move into the Avalon Chrystie Place and sully that apartment building's neighborly image. A Curbed reader writes with this intel:

just a heads up that a leasing agent at Avalon Chrystie denied all knowledge of a Starbucks going in the building. I'm not entirely sure where one would go unless it was somehow partnered with Whole Foods. The only possibility I've read about is that they built in a place for an increasingly theoretical Second Ave. subway station to go under either the Whole Foods building or the one being built across the street. Since the second avenue subway looks no more probable now than it did during the depression, supposedly a vendor or vendors of some kind are renting out that space until the train shows up.· More 'Bucks for the LES [Curbed]