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Stabbing Outside Teany Certainly Not Vegan

Gawker is reporting that a block of Rivington Street between Orchard and Ludlow has been shut down by the NYPD as they investigate a stabbing that took place this morning right outside Moby's beast-friendly sandwich-and-bev emporium Teany. Authorities, so far, are mum on the details, but one cop on the scene said the victim is in the hospital. Early guess: a particularly heated debate on the United Nations over a pot of honeybush vanilla escalated to violence.
· Breaking: Stabbing Outside of Teany [Gawker]

UPDATE: A commentor on Ultragrrrl claims to have the scoop, and improbably, real estate gets thrown into the mix:

I know someone who works at Misrahi (realty place where stabbing happened) and the police filed their report from the office. As far as I know, some guy was throwing garbage or boxes onto the street and a middle-aged guy confronted him, they wrestled, and the guy stabbed the middle-aged man, who died later on. Description of the suspect is a 5/9" white male with long, dirty blonde hair. If you see anyone fitting that and acting crazy, don't bother them!! Hope the cops bust this guy, I live right around the corner. Ack.Gawker also says they've heard the victim has died.