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Hotel Gansevoort Update: All Jersey, All the Time

Okay, so you can't defecate in the Hotel Gansevoort pool anymore. So what can you do? HotelChatter investigates during a recent overnight at the MePa boutique:

The highly touted rooftop bar/pool was gorgeous, but did have its detractors. It was a great place to relax during a hot NYC afternoon, and the water views allowed us to see all the way to Hoboken, but alas, once the sun goes down the bridge and tunnel crowd invades. Real estate flipping and divorce settlement chatter seemed to be the convos du jour, at least the night we were there, however, watching these folks can be even more enjoyable than being one of 'em.To sum up: looking at NJ, okay; listening to NJ, not okay. [photo by Noah Kalina for Hotel Chatter; he also stopped inside]
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