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Taking Aim at the Shvoroom

Yesterday we informed you that the staff of, the online home of GQ and Details magazines, strongly admire the look and work of Michael Shvo (not that there's anything wrong with that), "NYC's most ruthless young broker." As we cast our critical eye toward Shvo's attire?it's gotta be the shoes, baby?we were too distracted to pay much attention to the actual Shvoroom. A highly parenthetical reader weighs in:

Is that Mr. Shvo's office in that photo? If you look at the larger version from that website it would seem so (i.e. the flatscreen TV's he is so proud of to make sure that two were in the photo [there is an article many months ago about his bragging of buying some 30 flatscreens or so]).

But the real question is: Why the cheap wall paneling (with matching table-base no less)? I thought that style of cheap (home) construction went out in the early 80s? (think the Brady Bunch on TV). If Shvo is all about show (clothing, chauffers and apparently flatscreens) shouldnt every detail of his office exemplify that?

I think maybe 5 less flatscreens could have upgraded to a better grade of wall coverings.· Michael Shvo, Like Gordon Gekko, Only Meaner [Curbed]
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