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Big Flip on Fifth Ave.

Can a condo bought less than a year ago, "delivered new," suddenly be worth $6 million more practically overnight? According to real estate investor Thomas Sandell, yes?just throw in a little reno with a custom finish. In this week's Manhattan Transfers column, Michael Calderone reports on the sprawling ninth-floor condo at luxurious 838 Fifth Avenue, which Sandell bought off billionaire widow Lily Safra in November for $13.6 million. Now he's trying to flip it at a price of $19.75 million, clearly hoping the exceptional park views and 822-square-foot-terrace are enough to intoxicate?oh, let's just say Lenny Kravitz for shits and giggles?into buying. Unfortunately, the Corcoran listing for the condo doesn't offer any interior photos, but there is a floorplan. Bask in its 4,165-square-foot glory after the jump.

· Lily Safra's Apartment Being Flipped by Investor for $6 M. Profit [M'hattan Transfers]
· Listing: 838 Fifth Avenue [Corcoran]