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Cops Invade LES's Death Disco, Forego Dancing to Tom Vek

Is no Lower East Side hipster hot spot safe from legal woes? Mere hours after a man was murdered outside Moby's Teany on Ludlow Street, A Brooklyn Life reports on some tense moments at tight-T watering hole The Delancey?a place already well-known for various run-ins and savage beatings:

I listen to the band, I have drinks downstairs, I have drinks upstairs, and then I leave shortly after midnight. Just moments after I leave the club, the night's promoter B.P. Fallon gets hauled off by the cops in handcuffs. A couple more are escorted out by the cops as well.No word on why the boys in blue have a beef with Fallon, who claims on his website to be "to rock'n'roll what a stamp is to an envelope." We're just praying that no koi were disturbed during the commotion.
[BP Fallon photo by Jaime Coon]
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