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Manhattan Prices Forcing Youngsters to Live in Sin

With rents up 5 to 10 percent in the past year, the Times reports that many brokers are seeing more and more apartment-hunting groups that include couples. Two folks sharing a bedroom dilutes the rent and utilities costs nicely, but needless to say, living with a couple has its drawbacks. Take the case of one Becky Garnett, who shacked up in an East Village three-bedroom with her high school friend and a couple she didn't really know:

But Ms. Garnett hadn't met Mr. Nemett until they started apartment hunting, and she said that at times she found living with the couple more stressful than what she had envisioned. In particular, she said, she felt that Ms. Schirmer automatically relayed to her boyfriend everything Ms. Garnett had said to her, and that took some getting used to. All of a sudden, she said, "Here's a stranger who knows all about you."
We know these kids are in their early 20s and everything, but didn't they at least see "Melrose Place" in reruns or on DVD or something?
· And Boyfriend Makes Three [NYTimes]