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Lease Terms for New Times HQ: You're Not Invited

The new Renzo Piano-designed New York Times Building, currently sprouting out of a Times Square pit at 41st Street and Eighth Avenue, has a boatload of available commercial and retail rental space available?including 700,000 square feet on floors 28 through 50, and 24,000 square feet on the ground floor. But if you think any old company with a fat check and a cheap smile can get into the Times' baby, think again. The Village Voice reports on the terms of the paper's lease, which make it pretty clear who they want hanging around. No Taco Bell, McDonald's, Wendy's or Nathan's. No schools or classrooms or day care facilities. No medical uses. No government offices, especially ones "considered controversial." No employment agencies, other than executive search firms. And, obviously, no homeless people. There's a lot more, but on first glance we see nothing mentioned about strip clubs. Score!
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