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Avalon Chrystie: No Starbucks, But There Is a Subway

A Curbed reader files this dispatch from inside the caffeine-deprived Avalon Chrystie Place:

Well having moved into what I consider the Rat Trap Avalon Chrystie recently I have realized there is only one thing worse than having the closest train be the F train - living on top of it. I am on the 8th floor in the back of the builing and every train that passes I get a cheap motel 25 cent massage in my bed. It's the only noise in the poorly ventilated building. Sometimes I feel like I should get a Big Wheel a la The Shining to go down the ominous short ceilinged hallway. Just imagine entering your apartment on Second Avenue and having to walk to Third avenue to get it. What a mistake.· Avalon Chrystie on Starbucks: Deny, Deny, Deny [Curbed]
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