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Curbed Readers Write: Shvo Knows Panelling

1a) Regarding power broker Michael Shvo's wood paneling, a reader writes, "Wow, the parenthetical playa-haters among the Curbed readership will take a swipe at anything Shvo-related, even the Runcos. That's cold. Inaccurate, too, as it happens: love it or hate it, that zebrawood panelling definitely ain't cheap. Shvo's office and custom-built furniture were designed by Kondylis Design.
1b) More Shvo: "the wall paneling is in the same style as the $1000 chairs he has in the office...eames aluminum management chairs in tan."
2) A clarification on the origin of Death Cab for Cutie's Central Park stage banter, "'Can't play all night...' line was not an original... the 'rich people' members of The Strokes used the exact same line last summer @ CP Summerstage. In response, a fan yelled, 'You ARE those rich people!'"
3) No sympathy for The Renters: "I've never heard such a sob story in my life.....maybe if they spent more time focusing on finding a apartment vs. complaining about how hard it is, they would have had better luck!"
4) "i don't know if you can help me, but my friend rented an apartment from craiglist as 'by owner' but it turned out not to be the owner. how can i get a copy of that ad. was a 1 bedroom apartment in flushing for 1400 posted on july 12." [Phoned Craig Newmark. Got voicemail. -ed]
5) "The Miller graph is quiet interesting. By history of that graph, it would seem to suggest that co-ops are a safer investment as the price is less volitile. One could deduce this is as a result of less liquidity with a coop due to the restrictions put in place on co-ops. I hate to say it but it would seem co-op board rules while we love to hate them, have the interest of the value of their apartments in mind. Therefore you could say that condos are more like stocks of real estate, bought for investments and the most likely to fall sharply if the market has a dip (or if people stop believing in Fairies)."