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The Kiehl's Colonial: the Hot Tub is Closed

Remember our cedar-shingled friend up above Kiehl's? Well, in a wide-ranging report on Manhattan's rooftop homes, Newsday dishes a little dirt on the East 13th St. colonial curioso:

"When it went to market, I found out it was illegal," said Tim Desmond, a broker with Stribling Private Brokerage, who sold the space a couple times for about $2 million. "So the [first owner] had to hire architects and work through the buildings department to get it legalized. He had to shave off an outdoor deck, cantilevered over the terraces, supporting an outdoor hot tub."So sexy, it's illegal?shoulda known. Oh, yes, and there's also a guy who hits golf balls off his roof deck and lets his kids play under a big water tank. Highly recommended reading for a Friday morning.
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