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Rumblings and Bumblings: Please, Let It Be a McDonald's!

1) Chelsea: "Anyone know what's going on on the corner of 18th St. and 8th Ave? I've heard everything from a McDonald's to a bank. The site of construction is where the restaurant 18th on 8th used to be."
2) Chinatown: "Who owns the former Music Palace movie theater in Chinatown on Bowery and Hester? And why hasn't it become ugly condos yet?"
3) Riverdale: "There?s a huge new building going up overlooking the Henry Hudson Parkway, west side, around 235th street. Any info?"
4) Clinton Hill: "Do you know anything about a proposed 50-unit, 6-story "luxury condo" apartment building in Clinton Hill, fronting on Myrtle and spanning the block from Hall Street to Washington Avenue? I believe the address on file with the city is 165 Washington Avenue (BBL: 1890-4). The developer is a small firm from New Jersey, WASHINGTON-HALL HOLDINGS, LLC. Sounds like they incorporated just to build this development."

After the jump, additional details about this building call into question its eligibility for this column, but the Internet is a vast, vast canvas, so what the hell.

4) Clinton Hill (cont'd): "Imagine: a 6-story apartment building, 50 units, taking over the entire block (goodbye, A-Rod Grocery, John's Diner, even the beloved Kum Kau Chinese restaurant). It would be the tallest building in the area, closer in design to the Clinton Hill co-ops than any of the low-slung rowhouses and townhouses that lie on the fringes of the landmarked district. The mental picture is frightening.

"I live directly adjacent to the site and would love to know if you've heard anything. Last I checked, the DOB has disapproved some of the necessary permits, and I'm hoping the developer will have to scale back on the plans. There's already been some illegal demolition activity happening, though after a slew of 311 complaints from neighbors that has seemed to stopped. But this would be worth tracking on your website--what will happen to the low-density character of Clinton Hill?"