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The $20-Million Nine: Living Large (and Bonus Frat Coverage)

The gaudy numbers, please. Living room, 1300 sqft; garden, 3000 sqft; # of stories, 8. Had enough? Atrium, 50x40; total sqft, 20,000; price, $31.5 million. Says the listing, "Intelligent design and every conceivable amenity are woven into this superb residence." The gargantuan facade, tripped out section view, and listing, after the jump.

[But first, some bonus intelligence on yesterday's $20-million niner: "I believe it was built as the NYC Club for the members of St. Anthony Hall, a fairly tony mostly northeast fraternity with only a handful of chapters, MIT, Yale, Penn, Columbia among them. In my years, uh, someplace, I overlapped with Biddle, DuPont, Rockefeller and Pew money. Technically Delta Psi, they are know as St. A's.

"It was sold by the national chapter in the upper 80's or early 90's because it represented a decent chunk of their endowment, generated little income and had to be maintained." For what its worth, at our years, uh, someplace, there was nothing tony about this group of geeks. -ed.]

· Huge East 60s Townhouse [Sotheby's]