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Jackson Pollack of Bathroom Slobs at Hotel Chelsea

Blogger Living with Legends' girlfriend doesn't like her coffee too sweet. So when the deli guys loaded it with six sugars, LWL dumped it, full and upright, in his Hotel Chelsea hallway garbage. And then all hell broke loose:

I went to use the bathroom, and when I opened the door I was startled to see that someone had sprayed the place with a milky brown liquid. It was all over everything: the walls, the sink, the toilet, the mirror, even some on the ceiling. A real mess, still wet and dripping. Obviously somebody had got the bad coffee out of the trash and, standing in the doorway of the bathroom, slung it boldly, creatively, in a wide, sweeping arc. The Jackson Pollack of bathroom slobs.
Later, the mystery is solved. We'll give you a hint: it may or may not have been the ghost of Dylan Thomas.
· The Bad Coffee [Hotel Chelsea Blog]