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The State of the Flip in Williamsburg

Time, now, for an update on rapper Busta Rhymes' attempt to flip his three condos in Williamsburg's fabulous Gretsch building. It was six weeks ago when we first learned that Busta finally closed on the units, and they were immediately put on the block. Yesterday, blogger Set Speed received an e-mail from an Elliman agent trying to unload five units in the Gretsch, three of which have very similar specs and sales prices as the Flipmode chief's apartments. Are they indeed Mr. Rhymes'? Sure, why not, but let's forget about that for a moment and take a looksie at the realtor's description of the Gretsch?still emitting that new-loft-smell:

The kitchen and bathrooms are from the future designed by designer Andres Escobar (you haven't seen anything like it). There are several celebrities living in the building and there is a fulltime doorman and a concierge.Shouldn't that read, you know, "living" in the building?
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