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Sorry Harlem, We've Received a Claim of Bullshit

Yesterday, the Daily News told us that the Harlem real estate market is hotter than Brad Kroenig. Today, a reader calls bullshit on that very assertion, specifically Corcoran VP Spencer Means' claim that the Mt. Morris Park area (116th to 125th, between Fifth and Eighth Aves.) resembles the Gold Rush of '49:

I have to call bullshit on Harlem. Anyone paying over $1000 on their own to live here is insane. There's little to do and food options are extremely limited.

I often wonder if "journalists" writing articles about Harlem have ever been there. That Starbucks at 125th and Lenox and the Settepani (a sweet Italian cafe/bakery) on 120th and Lenox are the only real signals of gentrification in the area. Both have been in business
since we moved to the Mount Morris Park area 2 years ago; they're
since been joined by a Dunkin Donuts and a Halal meat truck.

As for the lawyers and doctors surrounding Mr. Stephenson, I haven't seen them. Maybe they commute via limousine. They are definitely not on the subways with me.

Whoa whoa whoa: a Starbucks and a Dunkin' Donuts? Wagons north!
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