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The Renters: Living the Dream

[Speaking of - ahem - renters looking for $2600/month apartments in Manhattan, our Renters, who last we heard were on the verge of signing away their first born for the rights to a 1-br in the Lower East Side, are back for the summer's final episode. Stay tuned in the fall for their second season, The Gentrifiers, in which our dynamic duo cruises Ludlow St. looking for good times. Godspeed, little Renters!]

"We signed it!

"So off we go to Gotham Court - we hope our stay there isn't marred by typhus, excretions, or 'sudden inroads from the domain of Neptune,' which plaguedg the original Gotham Court in this 1866 Department of Hygiene report.

"Despite the swift and accurate response from the well-informed Curbed readership, the ever-attentive J still came in with the first thorough explanation of our rent-stabilized lease. We happily signed on the dotted line, and are looking forward to ending our Kato Kaelin-like run of freeloading."

After the jump, Carolyn reveals the identity of Broker J and we provide links to all the re-runs.

"We're delighted to introduce (and shamlesslessly plug) the mysterious J - Julia Purtill, from Citi Habitats (see right), who wants the record to show that she definitely pointed out how close the subway really is to our new home.

"Julia was shocked and awed to hear that she had been making regular appearances in disguise on Curbed - we didn't tell her until the day before the lease signing. She does, in fact, read the site, but hadn't checked in for a couple of weeks - that'll teach her. Rentals downtown or sales all over Manhattan, she's your gal. (And based on some of the less-pleasant broker-client exchanges we overheard in the Citi Habitats office, you'd do well to stick with her exclusively.) We had brushes with brokers from A. Fine Company, Halstead, and Douglas Elliman and we'll take Julia over the lot.

"So thanks very much - its been fun posting - please send housewarming gifts care of Good luck to all our fellow renters."
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