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Unloading Dumbo's Bridges: Win Some, Lose Some

If you aren't already three margs deep (Monday mornings are the new Friday afternoons), you may recall the interesting developments over at Dumbo's six-story 79 Bridges?located at, uh, 79 Bridge Street (right). Soon to be overshadowed by a 33-story tower, four residents in the building decided to sell all at once, each asking some $200k above their original purchase prices. One motivated seller even set up a website to sing the apartment's praises. So how'd they make out? A Curbed tipster has the dish:

The "enterprising seller" ultimately decided to take their apartment off the market. 6E also came off the market without selling and the owner plans to rent it out. 4D seems to have set the bar by going into contract for $698k, just shy of the asking price of $700k. That's $784 psf. Identical apt 3D for $635k is still for sale by the Developers Group but hasn't been actively marketed this month - we're not sure why there is a $65k difference vs. 4D...It should be noted that the enterprising seller's website appears to be active, with an open house scheduled for yesterday. The asking price has been knocked down $25k.
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