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Broker Responds to Grail Quest, Name-Calling

Call a broker a bully and you're bound to get a response. Call a broker a bully, a confidante, a tourist, a scavenger, a veteran and a genuinely nice person?as Alexandra Bandon did in her Sunday agent-analyzing Times story "Seeking the Holy Grail" (the ultimate prize being the perfect West Village townhouse rental)?and you're also bound to get a response ... from the Property Grunt, 'natch. The Grunt clearly had some free time this weekend, because he sank his teeth into Bandon's piece and turned out a nearly paragraph-by-paragraph response. Highlights include:

1) When Bandon says, "Take it from me: the moment a broker answers your question with another question, just hang up," Grunt sez: "Whether it was intentional or not Alexandra most likely pissed off the broker when she was being vague about a move in date. I can imagine they felt this yenta was wasting their time trying to needle information out of them so they had to resort to more stringent measures to see if she was worth talking to or was just taking up valuable oxygen.
2) When Bandon complains about brokers who use empathy to wear down clients' defenses, the Grunt replies: "Part of a broker's job is customer service which means burying their face between your ass cheeks as tightly as possible."
3) On Bandon's disappointment with an agent who fibbed: "Ms. Bandon really needs to get over her girl crush over this broker."

Me-ow! Summer finally heats up, just in time for our slowdown. :(
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