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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Lavin Sells, Rosario Bails

1) Tony winner and TV waitress Linda Lavin sold her four-bedroom co-op at 322 Central Park West (right), a listing that may have been on the market for a while given the chilling nature of some of those photos (ugh, winter). The apartment?which has four bathrooms, a formal dining room, a wood-burning fireplace and a kitchen modeled after a diner reminiscent of the one on her TV show, "Alice"?was listed at $4.35 million. Some financial services exec scooped it up. [William Neuman/Big Deal]
2) Hamptons report! Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook, model and architect (and you'll have to guess who belongs with what profession), are buying and selling nearly every property in South Fork. Clive Owen, that charming rapscallion, is kicking back in an $80,000 August rental in Sag Harbor. [S.Jhoanna Robledo/NYMag]
3) She was raised as a squatter on Avenue A, but now Rosario Dawson is leaving the East Village (possibly) forever. She tells New York Magazine that after wrapping up Shakespeare in the Park, she's heading to California with her boyf, actor Jason Lewis. As always, blame the dogs: "We have our two Ridgebacks together, and they're big dogs. I can't imagine having them in a tiny apartment." [NYMag]
4) The Post makes it official on Barbara Corcoran's resignation, reporting that she's quitting the biz as of November 15. She's also setting up her television production offices in Red Hook. Ha, just kidding. She's setting up shop in the Flatiron District. [NYPost]