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Supply Exceeds Demand at 70 Washington?

And the floorboards and columns of 70 Washington nearly collapsed from the burden of withholding a river of tears, and through the building's anguished wails it called out to us in that most tender of whispers. "You dare speak of the minutiae of Dumbo developments," 70 Washington muttered, "but you utter nary a word about me?" For this, 70Wash, we are truly sorry. But perhaps you should be worried about other things, because it appears your popularity is slipping. A Curbed reader emails:

I plopped down the 250 to hold an apartment on the 11th floor for 3 whole days. Thanks in large part to Curbed and some sanity-inducing discussions with real-estate friends, those three days expired without incident. Now, about a month later, I got a call this morning from Two Trees that was a weird mix of "what did we do wrong" and "did you know about the H-Line?"

He told me that many of the upper apts (9 on up) are still available, and anything below 9 has a pretty subpar view. Thus they've managed to sell much more of their crappy views then the ones that make living in DUMBO at all worth while. I guess 1.3 million is a little steep for a one bedroom in DUMBO, no matter what you're looking at. Let someone else prove me wrong.

Were the eggs runny or something? Two Trees' Toby Klein is flooding Craigslist with ads for 70 Washington. Looks like you're a star one day, a big ball of hot gas the next.
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