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79 Bridges: 101 Reasons to Sell in DUMBO

When we said that the residents trying to sell at 79 Bridge St. in Dumbo were attempting to flee a life in the shadows, we meant it a little tongue-in-cheeky. Never mind that, though, because a couple Curbed readers both claim to have the real reason for the unloading. Says one:

"Please correct your story, 79 Bridge Street is not in danger of being overshadowed by the Light Bridges project at 100 Jay Street. This is a block away. Most people are selling because the building has passed the two year mark, which means less tax penalties for selling.

My friend in 6E received a few offers but because of a family situation he decided not to sell and rented it out instead.

Believable, yes, but another tipster claims to know what the Bridges folk "are really afraid of," and you can read all about it after the jump.
The real threat is the Jehovah's Witnesses' (the WatchTower people) proposal for the property across the street from 79 Bridge - that big empty/parking lot lined with a high metal wall and razorwire. I don't have photos, but there was a neighborhood meeting about it couple months ago. They were proposing, I recall, at least 2 tall residential towers, a parking ramp and a community(JW's only) center. The entire two block perimeter would have no storefronts to speak of. The residential towers were around 20 stories.

If Dumbo is the Tribeca of Brooklyn then RAMBO is the new Hudson Square!!

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