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What's Big, Blue, and Coming to the LES?

A couple months ago, while spreading Lower East Side rumors both delicious (mmm, Tiny's) and wrong (oops, Lansky), we brought up a planned 17-story condo going up next to Tonic on Norfolk Street. "Anyone seen the design?" we asked. There was resounding ... silence. But worry not, for a tipster finally chimes in:

I just saw the advertisement going up on the scaffolding in front of the Gem Store on Delancey at the corner of Norfolk. They are promoting the condos going up on the lot behind the store, the former Lansky Lounge parking lot. Really striking architecture !!!Striking indeed. In fact, it's so striking, we hear a crew of men armed with shovels have already been recruited to scoop up the pigeon carcasses that will line the sidewalks beneath the building.
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