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Corcoran's Parting Shots: 'I Love Harlem,' Pajamas are 'Thrilling'

The Observer's Michael Calderone tracked down Barbara Corcoran in New Zealand to get her to comment on her pending resignation from her eponymous brokerage, and after all the stuff about her storied career and upcoming TV projects and yattayattayatta, we finally get to the goods: her recent real estate investments.

She recently closed on her first property in the South Bronx, which has been recently dubbed a burgeoning market. (And not surprisingly, the real-estate maven thinks the bubble talk is a lot of nonsense.) She remains very active in another Manhattan hot spot, too.

?I think the image of Harlem being ?risky? or ?too late to buy there? are both wrong. I very aggressively pursue properties in Harlem. I bought three properties in the last four months in Harlem. I love Harlem.?SoBro and Harlem? Is Babs just getting her tips while perusing the morning papers over coffee and corn muffins? They owe her one, anyway, because she says the hubbub surrounding her Van Brunt St. Red Hook buy practically forced her from the 'hood. Oh yeah, and there's something about a pajama party.
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