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Ain't No Party Like a Park Slope Party

Park Slope, often viewed as the Subaru-and-tofu capital of Brooklyn?by us, at least?apparently knows how to get down. And when we say "get down," we mean "get down." On Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, guest blogger Cathy Hannan explains her gripes with the nabe's summer block parties:

Last year's block party consisted of crack smoking (really! in the street!), barbecuing directly under my window, 50 Cent on repeat for about 18 hours, an open fire hydrant that left our water pressure at a brown trickle, followed by the morning-after discovery of shit-filled diapers on the sidewalk, rotting meat left on top of our garbage cans, broken glass everywhere, half-smoked blunts in the flowerpots. And of course, no one who participated in the party had any intention of cleaning up the mess.
Well, when you're that high on crack, do you really feel like sweeping up a bunch of shit? Actually, you're probably more likely to than when you're not high on crack, so we guess she has a point.
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