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Encore's Over, Lights Up, Everybody Out

When the transients show up, you know it's only a matter of time, folks. Take this teary tale from Clinton:

I haven't seen you post anything about the Encore at 301 W. 53rd St. Its a rental building that was bought this year by Extell and they have been slowly emptying the building by not renewing leases. Many people have been there for years (10-15) and Jerry Orbach's widow still lives in the penthouse. They have been very shady from the start, claiming they don't know if the building is going condo, and that it might become a dorm- likely. People in the bldg mobilized, formed a tenants association, and have hired lawyers, who have yet to get real answers from Extell. The most recent development, is that Extell has let come in (formerly to furnish and rent 60 units for short term stays hotel style. They have an extraordinarily bad reputation (our building is advertised on their site as 50 stories- its only 25) and now pose the problem of having transient tenants in the building.Might as well try turning a quick buck while waiting on everybody to get out, right? Alas, a reviewer on Apartment Ratings bids adieu: "I had the privilege of living in The Encore for three years prior to its pending conversion to condos. It has THE BEST staff, location, is spotlessly clean (not a single roach in 3 years). Extell (the new owners) is emptying out the place so that it can go condo. I hope they keep the staff...and the layout. A real five-star experience for a very reasonable price."
· 301 W. 53rd St. [WooGo]