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LES's Jarmulovsky Going Hotel?

A hot one just came in from down by the southern tip of Orchard Street, regarding a certain 12-story neighborhood favorite:

Snuck into the Jarmulovsky's bank building on the corner of Canal and Orchard because I heard they had full floors available. Its one of the tallest building on the Lower East side..., beautiful late 19th century façade etc... Anyway, they have full floors available, 6000 sq ft each, the Chinese super caught me looking at the space and yelled at me, said they weren't renting to anyone anymore, were kicking all of the current sweatshop tennents out of the building and that the whole thing was going to be renovated and turned into a HOTEL!

The BelDel section of Orchard has flirted with hotelery before, so we'll wait and see on this one. We'd hate to think that the immediate future of Happy Shabu Shabu?located at ground-level?could be in jeopardy. You do not want to see an unhappy shabu shabu. Not a pretty sight.
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