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Curbed Readers Write: Hey, That's Not My Building!

1) On the condoization and transients of Clinton's The Encore: "I saw your article about the Encore building. I just want to mention that the picture you used (right?ed.) is not actually of an apartment in our building. This is a lie from the Woogo website. They made no effort to show what a real apartment looks like in our building and continue to deceive their customers."
2) On the closing of Chelsea's Big Cup, a reader laments: "This story spurred some debate among friends. A friend of mine in commercial real estate leasing mentioned Big Cup's rent is about $20K/mo. Yes, insane, but we're talking Chelsea commercial rents. What's most disturbing is how he mentioned the competition from the 3 neighboring Starbuck's. I think it's a sad comment on NYC when the boys are doing their cruising at the local Starbuck's -- further evidence of the malling of the city."
3) On Related's Greenwich Village hardships: "No one held a gun to Related's head and made them pay a price for the lot which requires more units than are given as of right. That's either calculated greedyship or plain ol' dumbship (in their case, probably calculated greed ? with a fallback position that allows them a perfectly decent return with as of right development)."
4) A couple emails came in to tell us that the Tim Robbins-buying-Lanksy-Lounge rumors are very much still alive, including this note: "Are you sure the lansky rumor is incorrect? I've been told first hand that not only is it correct, but there are other 'professional athletes' who are investing."
5) On the haps in Bushwick: "On the corner of Wycoff Avenue and Jefferson Street in Bushwick (close to Flushing Avenue) there is a trendy restaurant under construction. There is meanwhile three hipster loft developments also about to be delivered at the DeKalb Street/Wycoff Avenue intersection. This should turn this blighted little area of Bushwick into an immediate hip gentrification zone once all the above are delivered - which should be only weeks away."
6) On the Walentas trying to unload 70 Washington apartments before throwing scraps to a brokerage: "two trees is already accepting co-brokering on these. they are giving a 3% commission of the sales price to any agent who brings in buyers. remember that in the beginning, they were so ultra-confident it would sell out that they weren't even accepting co-brokes. therefore, the fact they are paying commission splits proves that they have already capitulated. in addition, note that in the beginning, you had to have an appointment before you could even step foot in the hallowed halls of 70 wash. now? you can step right in m-f 8am to 8pm and on weekends from 12-4 NO APPTMT NECESSARY."