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Murray Hill Girls Side-Swiped

Just when you thought the girls from Murray Hill had taken enough abuse this summer, the food geeks over at Chowhound pile on. A sampling of their responses to the question, "What is a Murray Hill girl?"

· "B&T but living in the city, basically."
· "Little personality, bland looking...just like Murray Hill."
· "a group of 9 post-college age girls who all look and dress exactly the same and talk about nothing but their shoes, handbags and expensive apartments and wonder why nobody wants to date them."
In case you were wondering, the assault stemmed from a poster's assertion that Schiller's is "a scene. LA scenseters, murray hill girls." Stay alert, LA scenesters, they're coming for you next. And they carry their own Tabasco.
· Schiller's Liquor Bar [Chowhound]