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W Hotel Throwdown: Old, Yet New to Us

We asked, you answered. In great detail, we might add. Here's the details, bloodthirsty savages:

OMG this is SUCH an old story -- it dates from several months ago, and concerns not an Elliman broker, but two Citi Habitats agents (surprise, surprise). The occasion was a party hosted by a large NY management company to announce its summer rental contest. Lots of free booze and tons of rabid real estate agents = a sure recipe for disaster.

As the evening wound to a close (i.e., the open bars were closed), two Citi Habitats agents got into a huge fight sparked by one agent's holding the other's hand a bit too long following a parting handshake. Others intervened to try to stop the carnage, cops were called and drove up onto the sidewalk, and the agent who threw the first punch was, indeed, led away in cuffs, and was fired the next day (as was the overly forward hand-holder).

So unless another melee occurred there recently that's all folks.Now we ask the important question: How long before this becomes a plot line on Hot Properties?
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