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Broker Boys & Babes Update: Four Who Score

Nominations rolling in for Curbed's first annual Broker Boys and Babes Contest, our unscientific attempt to identify the hottest real estate agents in New York City. Let's meet four early frontrunners, seen above, left to right:

1) DwellingQuest's Stefani Pace. You say: "She's a babe and charming too, occasionally."
2) Fenwick Keats' Devlin Elliot. You say: "He may have a grainy pic, but it's no wonder why Fenwick-Keats' Devlin Elliott is moving property in Chelsea. We can talk about flipping any time, Devlin."
3) Corcoran's Julie Hayek. You say: "She's very attractive, as one would expect from somone who is a 'former Miss U.S.A. and First Runner Up in the Miss Universe Pageant'!!"
4) Fenwick Keats' (again!) Joseph Rinaldi. You say: "He's local. He used to be a teacher. (Cute!) And check out the headshot. But he has a fiance. :-( "

Male nominations running ahead of females so far, so let's hear about some more babes, eh? Hotties to Nominations open through Friday.
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