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East Village Subway Conundrum... Solved!

An ages-old East Village conundrum solved, thanks to the magic of Google Maps?particuarly, the neat pedometer hack that calculates distances between set points. Reports blogger Felix Salmon:

Many East Village residents walking to the F train have asked themselves this question: "When I get to the corner of Avenue A and Houston, which subway station is closest: the Essex & Delancey stop, two blocks south, or the 2nd Avenue stop, one avenue west at 1st Ave?" Well, thanks to Google Maps and the fabulous Gmaps Pedometer, I can now give those people a definitive answer: Go West, young man! The 2nd Avenue stop is closer. Check for yourself if you don't believe me ? it's true even if you take into account that the entrance to the Essex & Delancey stop is slightly north of Delancey, while the entrance to the 2nd Avenue stop is slightly west of 1st Ave.· East Village Subways [Memefirst]
· GMap Pedometer []