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Movies & Meat: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

Often times the Curbed editorial staff (sorry, business ops) will meet up for poolside appletinis on the rooftop of the Gansevoort Hotel. It always goes the same way. "Oh, how I tire of these trifling afternoons spent swimming and sipping, sipping and swimming," someone will say after the fifth round. "If only we could, perhaps, take in the new Bertolucci or Jarmusch moving picture show after toweling off?but before supper at Spice Market?"

Well, Joshua Albertson, you're in luck: the Meatpacking District is going indie. The e-flyer for a new retail development at 837-843 Washington Street drops the bomb that MePa is getting its very own movie theater. "A national movie chain," that is, "featuring independent films." Thankfully they've taken care of that dull, unceasing noise issue. It would have really taken away from the sounds of 1,000 cell phones ringing in that theater.
· 837-843 Washington Street []