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THOR, Where Phil Spector Goes to Relax

Some Gawker stalking close to our hearts:

I was at a birthday party last night 7/31 in the lobby bar of The Hotel on Rivington (more on that later) and I saw over in the corner, (not that big of a space) none other than Phil Spector looking totally insane. There was this Asian woman standing over his chair giving him a back rub for the ENTIRE time that I was there. His hair was not as big as the famous courtroom picture, but it was still fucking huge. Isn?t this guy on trial in California? What is he doing in a busted ass boutique hotel in the LES?
Whoa. Seamy, maybe. Inept, definitely. But busted ass?
· Gawker Stalker: Phil Spector Brings His Fro to the LES [Gawker]