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Why it Would Suck to Live in the Sculpture for Living

Sometimes school teachers scouting locations for field trips are the best sources, as evidenced by this report on the Sculpture for Living: "I work for a school in the area, and we were looking for locations for some events, and were able to see the 16th floor of the new building on Astor Place, which is going to be used as a design showcase floor (at least till mid december). Basically a list of designers (Versace, Thom Filicia, Calvin Klein, et. al.) will each get a room to 'do' and then the space will be available to rent out (not sure if this will later be sold as an apt).

"Some things I learned:
-Half of the units (there are about 39) have been sold
-The first closings will happen at the end of Sept (not sure if they will get a brunch like those at 70 Washington!)

-There are two elevators, one of which will be used as the SERVICE elevator when needed. That seems stange to me: in most high-end buildings, there is a separate service elevator that is shitty and gross for when you move in, have a delivery or to take pets in."After the jump, why it would "suck to live there."
"My collegues and I decided that, upon leaving, we were pretty much underwhelmed. It's decent for a party spaces, but it kind of would suck to live there.

-Lack of closet space. We noticed that the closets were pretty miniscule. Sure, you're got two sinks in
the guest bathroom, but where are you supposed to hang your coat?
-The view. How tall are most of the buildings in the East Village? About 6-7 stories at most? When you're on the 16th you get alot of views of all sorts of water tanks, rooftop litter and the occasional garden. It very hard to see to any body of water or a park. What is very disturbing is the view to the south sometimes includes a in-your-face of the clock on the Carl Fisher building. yikes! Also, the K-mart building is a formidable barrier to northerly views. It's just not very pleasant overall.

"Can't wait to see what happens when they put the cube back and the druggies/skateboarders/hippies come back in full force right in front of the 'million-dollar views'."
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