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Still in the Dark on Plump Dumpling

Many of you are aware that we've been following the feud between the East Village's Dumpling Man and Plump Dumpling for a while now. When the Plump One finally opened last week, we couldn't wait to hear back on how their wares compared to that of the bloodthirsty Man. Which is why we were quite ecstatic to find out that the early word on Plump Dumpling had hit Chowhound. But the review is a let down: egg rolls, egg drop soup, moo goo gai pan, veggie fried rice, wontons and no dumplings. People, do you go to the Shake Shack and get Diet Sprite? Do you go to Dallas BBQ and order the spinach salad? Do you go to Teany and demand an annoying Moby diatribe on, like, cats or something? We're disappointed. Really, we are.
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