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BoomWatch: Homes, Homes, Everywhere

Hot on the heels of a report from the boys at Elliman denying that there ever was such a thing as a "housing bubble," the Times' Jennifer Steinhauer pens an ode to the deafening housing boom. Steinhauer reports that new homes are rising in the city at a rate not seen since the early '70s; 15,870 permits have been issued so far this year. Sometimes, the new development causes trouble, Steinhauer says, but mostly it's just sweet sweet music.

But fights over what neighborhoods should look and feel like at times feel like grace notes in the cacophonous symphony of churning concrete mixers, whirling backhoes and asphalt trucks that signal the rise of yet another dozen units of housing.
Cue the orchestra! The bubble is no more!
· Housing Boom Echoes in All Corners of City [NY Times]