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Dumpling Man: Purchase Your Monsters Elsewhere

Is Plump Dumpling trying to wage a smear campaign by getting New York's dumpling connoisseurs to believe that the Dumpling Man is harboring terrifying monsters in his store? It would appear so, according to Overheard in New York:

Dumpling dude: Can I take your order?
Biker guy: Uh...can I get 4 dumplings?
Dumpling dude: Sure. What kind, sir?
Biker guy: The ones there with that monster sauce. No wait, do you have real monsters? I want some real monsters!
Dumpling dude: Sorry sir, we don't serve real monsters here. --Dumpling Man, St. Mark's Place

The Dumpling Man fended off that accusation well, but who knows how dirty this fight will get?
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