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Who Will Police the Garbage Police?

Inspired by the Post's tale of overzealous sanitation cops in Fort Greene, Brownstoner pipes up about his own garbage troubles:

We had our own run-in in South Williamsburg with a real gem of a sanitation cop last year when a neighbor from two doors down started hurling bags of garbage at our front door, mistakenly under the impression that we had been putting our household garbage in his cans. Mrs. B, baby in arms, stepped outside to confront the guy just as a sanitation cop pulled up. As the large man was screaming in her face menacingly, the cop, rather than try to do anything to physically protect her, starting writing her a ticket for the garbage on our stoop.
Fortunately, the 'Stoner's readers, many of whom have their own sanitation woes, are ready with solutions: Christmas tips and extra "dog poop and shop vac dust (unbagged)" in the can! Lovely.
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