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Before and After on 18th and 8th: Dream the Dream

Andy Towle chimes in on the re-imagination of the corner of 18th and 8th:

When I lived in NYC back in the 90's I remember the small café at the corner of Eighteenth Street and Eighth Avenue (named, aptly, Eighteenth and Eighth) as Chelsea's "ground zero" (before that term went tragically out of style). It was one of my favorite spots for meeting friends, first dates, and just having a quiet cup of coffee...It's always interesting (and a bit jarring) to see a chunk of Manhattan simply vanish from one day to the next.After the jump, another reader calls the Valley National condos "Home-Depot Modern at its worst" and takes a cheap shot at Chelsea while he's at it. [left photo via Towleroad; rendering via Kutnicki Bernstein Architects] "I so agree with the comments made by a fellow reader about the new building at 18th & 8th. The older buildings were lovely--among the few proper houses on 18th Street, as most the block was historically poorly built wooden houses and stables, all since cleared for the construction of Humanities Prep and IS 70. Such a shame to be losing these two. And whereas a number of property owners have done rather interesting--if a bit precious--renovations and additions in the area over the past few years (NE corner 18th and 9th, SE corner 18th and 8th) this project is just a trainwreck: Home-Depot Modern at its worst. This must be an all-cash project because I can't fathom who might lend anyone a penny toward it. Never mind that it's a bit late in the bubble to be getting into the condo game. I mean this whole thing is just so B-rate in every way. Then again, so is 8th Ave in Chelsea, so I guess I'm the asshole for living here."
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