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Broker Boys & Babes Update: Shvo, Don't Go

We're going to hold off 24 hours on opening the polls for the Broker Boys & Babes Contest until we can be (reasonably) sure our web servers won't shit the bed again. To tide you over, we bring you this very special anti-nomination emailed by a Curbed reader:

Even though maybe he doesn?t qualify as a broker, I'm afraid someone might have nominated Michael Shvo, in which case I'll projectile vomit all over my computer. So can I use my vote to make sure he doesn?t get nominated? That story in NY mag about him changing from his $1200 shoes to his $800 shoes to walk around a construction site still makes my skin crawl. His website makes me want to jam an icepick up my nostril into my brain.This post brought to you by bad-boy broker Michael Shvo, who knows that in the world of Manhattan real estate, all press is good press.
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