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More 'Bucks for the LES?

Now that Starbucks mania is sweeping Delancey Street, it's time for the franchise to eye its second Lower East Side caffeinating hole, right? Rebecca, one of the hand-holders over at L.O.C.O., forwards us the word on street:

I also heard there is going to be a Starbucks in the Chrystie-Avalon/Wholefoods building - - on the Bowery Corner. I have no idea if this is true or not. But it is definitely the end of an era if we are losing CBGB's on the Bowery and gaining a 'Bucks

(I am still getting over the 'bucks on 2nd avenue, which has only
expanded once moving across to the East side of that ave.)

Wow, this little Starbucks company is really expanding rather quickly. Must be a motivated bunch. Wonder if they'll make it.
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