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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: TV Dudes Heart Trump

1) Matt Lauer, going through some reported marital troubles, is holed up at the Trump Park Avenue while things get figured out. He's paying $15,000 per month for the 800-square-foot one bedroom. His wife remains in their Sutton Place co-op. That $15,000 might sound like a lot, but it's nothing compared to ad man Donny Deutsch, who's also experiencing domestic problems and renting at Trump Park Ave.?for $65,000 per month. 6,200 square feet, 1,000 square feet of terrace, five bedrooms, full floor ... not bad. The apartment (top right) is also for sale for $18.5 million, if you're considering. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]
2) Record executive and semi-retired rapper Jay-Z is considering a 76th-floor condo in the Time Warner Center's north tower, which previously sold for $15 million. The four-bedroom spread has views across Central Park (obviously), where?with a good pair of binoculars?he can peer into the penthouse of his girlfriend Beyonce, who recently moved into One Beacon Court. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]
3) A bit of an oldie from last week, but we've been saving it just for this space. Bozo the Clown, 80, just had the rent on his Midtown two-bedroom doubled after his landlord found out his primary residence is actually in California. We all know that's a rent-regulated no-no, so Bozo (née Larry Harmon) will have to now start pay $3,600 a month. "I want to just keep laughing," the clown said, through his tears. [NYDailyNews]
4) Veteran sourpuss Harvey Keitel, waiting for construction to be finished on his Duane Street residence, is renting a left on North Moore Street. Page 6 reports that his landlord is tired of waiting for the actor to get his ass in gear, so he's moved to evict him. [Page 6]