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Rumblings and Bumblings: Uptown, Downtown...

1) Soho: "Hey, any idea who is behind the development (as I hear it) of a new condo building going up on a parking lot on Wooster, between Prince and Houston, west side? The lot is block long, so no idea if the addy is Wooster or West Broadway. Of minor interest, and perhaps only coincidence is that they started work only after Rupert's place on Prince, which overlooks this lot, was put on the market."
2) Upper West Side: "I live in a rental at 145 west 67th by Amsterdam Ave. I have heard lots of talk of American continental properties building huge apt complex between 67th and 69th St. Where can i find info on the likelihood of this and if so when would start construction?" We were rumbling about this in May. Anybody got an update?
3) Park Slope: "Any idea as to what's getting constructed on the corner of 5th Avenue and 1st Street? Looks like a decent sized hole they've dug so far."
4) Chelsea: "Any info on what the building on the southeast corner of 7th Ave and 22nd St may become? Do you know what it used to be? Only one store remains in the building and we have wondered if it too will fall victim to the dreaded condo eruptions in Chelsea." God knows we can't tell all of these Chelsea condos apart. Whaddya say?
5) Grand Army Plaza: "Rumor has it that the parking lot next to the Synagogue and Eastern Athletic Club is to become a new condo. Anyone have a clue about the details and timing?"
6) Tudor City: "My folks rent a place in 5 Tudor City Place, high floor overlooking the East River. Do you folks at Curbed or any of my fellow readers know what's planned for the lot east of 1st Ave, between 41st and 42nd? Just north of the power plant. Rumbling around the Tudor 'hood is that there are plans for a 28-story building, but nothing has changed on the lot for almost 2 years. In fact, the weeds appear to be about waist high. Plus, who wants a view of that power plant?"