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Double Your Pleasure on Delancey

What does a cool $20 million get you on the Lower East Side nowadays? Some prime real estate in a high-traffic area, 11 combined stories and 40,000 square feet of residential and retail tenants, and all the mocha frappacinos your aching little tum-tum can handle. DwellingQuest has the commercial listing for both 80 and 81 Delancey Street, which are being offered as a package deal with that gaudy price tag attached. 80 Delancey happens to be the very same building that recently caused quite the stir after its new ground-level tenant moved in. Oh, come now, you know the one. It's worth noting that according to the listing, Starbucks has a 10-year lease on the storefront. Whether the Lower East Side will still exist in 2015, well, that remains to be seen.
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