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The Cupcake Wars: Buttery, Finger-Licking Hatred

The spawn of the West Village's famed Magnolia Bakery, midtown east's Buttercup Bake Shop (above left) and Bay Ridge's new Little Cupcake Bakeshop (above right), are cranking up the city's cupcake wars, and New York's Adam Sternbergh is there to sop up the great quotes. ("She’s the Don Corleone of cupcakes”; "I hear they have a sign in their bakery that says OUR CUPCAKES ARE BETTER THAN BUTTERCUP BAKE SHOP IN NEW YORK CITY") Apparently, no one speaks to anyone anymore, but everyone hates everyone's sugary-coated guts. This one's a must-read.
· Sweet and Vicious [New York Metro]

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